Satellite launch in satellite imagery

A couple of weeks ago, satellite imaging company Planet launched a flock of 48 'Doves', their low cost imaging satellites. They managed to capture imagery of the launch from one of the Doves already … [Read more...]

Planet Launches 48 More Satellites

On July 14, 2017, satellite imaging company Planet launched another 48 of their small, low resolution, satellites they call 'Doves' into orbit. They were launched on a Soyuz rocket together with a … [Read more...]

A Landslide in California with Planet Imagery

We love Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery for their easy accessibility and global coverage, but they are rather low resolution at 10 m per pixel for Sentinel-2 and 15 m per pixel for Landsat. Commercial … [Read more...]

Planet adds time dimension to its maps

Satellite imaging company Planet has recently released a new version of Planet Explorer, a tool for exploring its vast collection of satellite imagery. Read more about it on the Planet blog. Planet … [Read more...]

Petabytes of imagery

Last year we made a rough estimate of the size of the Google Earth database. Our best guess was about 3 petabytes. Satellite imaging company Planet has just released some information about the size … [Read more...]

Record satellite launch allows Planet to image the planet daily

A record breaking launch by India, on February 15th, 2017, put 104 satellites into orbit, including some 88 'Dove' satellites owned by satellite imaging company Planet. The previous record for 'most … [Read more...]

Sale of Terra Bella to Planet now official

Last month we reported on a rumour that Google's parent company, Alphabet, was selling their satellite imaging company Terra Bella to another satellite imaging company Planet. It is now official as … [Read more...]

Planet imagery for natural disaster response

Satellite imaging company Planet has a programme for gathering satellite imagery for natural disaster response. Read more about it on the Planet blog. Although direct and timely access to the imagery … [Read more...]