Google Ads in Some Google Earth Panoramio Placemarks

I just realized that some random sample of Panoramio photo placemarks in Google Earth are now showing Adsense ads in the description bubbles. Now that I realize it, I believe I've seen the same … [Read more...]

Google Adds User Photos to Street View

Just noticed a very cool feature for Street View. Last month Google added "User Photos" to Google Maps. These are geotagged photos from Google's Panoramio free photo upload service for geotagged … [Read more...]

Panoramio Look Around in Google Earth

Google has released yet another new feature for Google Maps Street View. It automatically shows you relevant Panoramio photos for a given location (assuming there are photos available for that … [Read more...]

Links: GE Plugin Update, KML Contest Update, Panoramio Contest, Teaching with GE, Santa Video

GE Plugin Update - As mentioned Tuesday night, the Google Earth plugin became available for Mac OS X. Google announced the update also included an update to the Windows version as well. The update … [Read more...]

Links: Panoramio Heat Maps, See Russia?, 1m LiDAR, Airship

There was no post on Friday because I was attending the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland. Given all the terrible news about the economy and stock market, I was thinking the boat show attendance would … [Read more...]

Panoramio Changes

First, some good news: the Panoramio layer, which is the great photos layer found under the Geographic Web layer folder, has new better looking blue icons. This just appeared within the last 24 … [Read more...]

New Layers and Photos for Google Earth

Google updated some layers last night for both Google Earth and Google Maps. The primary change found so far is in the Geographic Web layer folder in Google Earth. When Google announces the … [Read more...]

Panoramio News: Contest, Look Around Applications

In my opinion, one of the best moves Google has made to enhance the Google Earth experience is the ability to visualize the contributions of photography taken around the world in geo-spatial context. … [Read more...]

Look Around with Google Panoramio

In a move sure to draw comparisons with Microsoft's Photosynth, Google has released a new feature to Panoramio letting you "Look Around" at popular locations around the world. Panoramio is a photo … [Read more...]

Panoramio Layer Adds 2 Million Photos

Eduardo has posted at the Panoramio Blog that their Google Earth layer (which is found under the Geographic Web layer folder in Google Earth) now boasts an additional 2 million photos! In November, … [Read more...]