Magnetic North and True North

A magnetic compass, including the compasses on most smart phones, does not point to the North Pole, or even to the North Magnetic Pole. Instead, it points away from True North by an angle known as the … [Read more...]

Viewing the polar vortex in Google Earth

For those of you shivering in the United States, you may have read that a "polar vortex" is to blame for the shockingly low temperatures.  For a new look at that phenomenon, the folks at NOAA have … [Read more...]

Tracking Tropical Storm Karen with Google Earth

While Tropical Storm Karen is continuing to weaken as it approaches land, it is never wise to ignore a storm of this size if you're in the path. If you'd like to keep an eye on Karen using Google … [Read more...]

Google continues to improve their ocean map

In celebration of World Oceans Day this past weekend, Google offered up a sneak peek at some improvements that are coming to the ocean data in Google Earth.  Some of the examples they showed were … [Read more...]