Street View portals to Mars, the Moon and Atlantis

Recently, we had a look at recent additions to Street View. We also included a map of changes over the past month. There were two spots in the 'changes' map that we found particularly … [Read more...]

An alien on the Moon?

We have told you in the past about various news stories reporting apparent alien activity in Google Earth imagery. For example, this story, where sonar tracks from ships were mistaken for an … [Read more...]

What is that mystery object on Google Moon?

A recent story on the Daily Mail claims to have found a "craft" on Google Moon.  While you certainly should take anything from that site with a grain of salt, it's indeed an interesting … [Read more...]

Exploring the moon in Google Earth

While hundreds millions of people have used Google Earth over the years, many aren't aware of some of the great things it can do.  One of those is the ability to explore our moon, which is an … [Read more...]

New Blog – Google Earth Library; Moon and Mars Overlays

The author of the Topographical Maps Archive, Matt Fox, who had released some pretty cool Google Earth files I wrote about last month, has just announced the release of a new web site called Google … [Read more...]