Meograph redesigns their application with a fresh new look

We've talked about Meograph a variety of times over the past few years. They have an excellent tool that combines Google Earth with storytelling, and it can be a great way to supplement a story with … [Read more...]

Create your own 2013 Zeitgeist using Meograph

Each year, Google releases their "Zeitgeist", a summary of the "what captured the world's attention in the past year".  This year, Google is working with PBS to offer you the opportunity to create … [Read more...]

Meograph launches interactive storytelling

We've mentioned Meograph and their "four-dimensional storytelling" a few times on the site, and they're back again with more great features. Today they're announcing (PDF) the release of their … [Read more...]

The latest updates from Meograph

Our favorite "four-dimensional storytelling" site Meograph just posted a few great new updates: Social photos: Import Facebook, Instagram, Flickr images (and do web image search) right within … [Read more...]

Meograph adds search features

We've been fans of Meograph since we first showed them you nearly a year ago.  In that time they've made a wealth of improvements, and the latest update is another great feature -- … [Read more...]

Meograph adds paid licenses

We've been big fans of Meograph since we first discovered it last May. Their "four-dimensional storytelling" makes it very easy to create digital stories that include audio, video, images, text and … [Read more...]

Meograph adds drap-n-drop, longer narrations and more

Meograph started out as a pretty neat tool, but their rate of improvement is very quickly turning it into an amazing tool. A few days ago they released three new features that help make the system … [Read more...]

More updates to Meograph: Geo optional, more browsers, new verticals

We've covered Meograph and their "four-dimension storytelling" a few times on GEB, as it's an excellent product to help tell stories with a heavy dose of geolocation baked in. The product has already … [Read more...]

Meograph releases an enhanced authoring tool

I've been a big fan of Meograph since it was released earlier this year, as it's a great tool to help show news stories using a heavy dose of geo reference. The big downside to it was that creating a … [Read more...]

Meograph opens to all users

We first told you about the excellent Meograph tool back in May when they opened for limited beta testing. It is a tool for creating "four dimensional story-telling" with remarkable potential, and … [Read more...]