PEACE on Earth message using GPS

Back in 2010 Japanese GPS artist Yassan (also known as Yasushi Takahashi) wrote the world's largest marriage proposal by travelling around Japan while recording his GPS track. He holds the Guinness … [Read more...]

This Land Was Our Land – World’s Largest Graffiti Mural

Yesterday we looked at some large art pieces by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. Thank you to GEB reader Ryen McPherson for letting us know about a recent Graffiti project on an abandoned airstrip in the … [Read more...]

Hyundai creates message to space

As part of an advertising campaign for the Hyundai Genesis, Hyundai have used the cars to write a message from a girl called Stephanie to her father who works on the International Space … [Read more...]

The World’s Largest Marriage Proposal

Back in 2006 we looked at a few marriage proposals visible in satellite imagery. Then in 2008 we saw a marriage proposal in Street View. Tokyo artist, Yassan lays claim to the world's largest … [Read more...]

Read Ayn Rand

Here is a pretty funny story -- Nick Newcomen apparently had some free time on his hands, so he drove 12,238 across 30 states with a GPS logger to "write" a message for all to see: You can read the … [Read more...]