Landslide and Tsunami in Greenland

Last Saturday, on 17th June, a landslide in Greenland caused a tidal wave, killing four people and injuring nine in the community of Nuugaatsiaq. Two other communities, Igdlorssuit and Viaqornat, were … [Read more...]

A Landslide in California with Planet Imagery

We love Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery for their easy accessibility and global coverage, but they are rather low resolution at 10 m per pixel for Sentinel-2 and 15 m per pixel for Landsat. Commercial … [Read more...]

The Kurbu-Tash and Ayu landslides in Kyrgyzstan

In March this year we had a look at landslides in Kyrgyzstan and noted just how frequent landslides there appear to be. Just a month after that post, two more major landslides occurred to the … [Read more...]

The Mocoa Landslide in DigitalGlobe imagery

According to Wikipedia, during the pre-dawn hours of 1 April 2017, locally heavy rain triggered flash flooding and landslides in the city of Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia, killing at least 316 people, … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan landslides in Google Earth

On April 27th, 2016, a landslide occurred in Kyrgyzstan and was captured on video as you can see below. The Landslide Blog also wrote about it here and here. We have been keeping an eye on the … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery – Tailings Dam Collapse

On 8th August, 2016, a containing dam failed at the Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium plant in Luoyang, Henan Province in China. About 2 million cubic meters of red mud was released, spreading out over 2 … [Read more...]

The Kaikoura Earthquake Landslides

On November 14, 2016, the South Island of New Zealand experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake named the Kaikoura Earthquake after the town of Kaikoura near the quake's epicentre. The affected region is … [Read more...]

Processing Sentinel imagery with GIMP

Sentinel imagery can be thought of as Europe's equivalent of Landsat imagery. It is freely available just like Landsat imagery, but higher resolution. Today we are having a look at how to process it … [Read more...]

Cylcone Roanu: Landslide and Floods

Cyclone Roanu was, according to Wikipedia, a relatively weak tropical cyclone that, nevertheless, caused severe flooding in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In addition, it caused a number of large … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery update – April 2016

Google has pushed out yet another imagery update, the third this month. The last one included imagery up to April 5th, 2016 and the one before that included up to March 2016. The current one has … [Read more...]