Using shadows to tell the time in Google Earth imagery

Have you ever wondered what time a particular image was captured? Google Earth does not show times, only dates. We noticed in the Google Earth Enterprise documentation that 'Acquisition date' only … [Read more...]

Splitting Google Earth Polygons and Paths

We maintain a map of the 3D areas in Google Earth. This is achieved with the help of GEB readers who send in KML outlines of new areas. However, we often receive outlines that are not ideal and need … [Read more...]

Google Earth placemarks to Excel

It is often useful to be able to get Google Earth placemarks into Excel (or other spreadsheet application or even a database). One way to do this is to save your placemarks as a .KML file (do not use … [Read more...]

Higher resolution contours with Mapzen altitude tiles

We recently did several posts about drawing contours using altitude data from different Altitude API services. The first version used the Google Maps Elevation API and the second used Mapzen's … [Read more...]

Making KML files smaller by reducing precision

Our KML map of 3D areas has been steadily growing in size as new areas are added. We have considered converting it to KMZ format, which is the compressed version of KML files. KMZ uses standard ZIP … [Read more...]

Classifying placemarks by region

As we mentioned in yesterday's post we have been working on a bit of code to determine whether or not a placemark lies inside a polygon. We believe we have got it working and thought it might be … [Read more...]

Fixing our circles

Earlier this week we posted a JavaScript tool for drawing circles in Google Earth. We noted that it didn't seem to be accurate and assumed it was because some of the calculations were being done by … [Read more...]

Drawing circles in Google Earth

In our recent post about LIGO and other large scientific instruments we mentioned that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland is underground. We know that it is circular and we … [Read more...]

Labelling Polygons in Google Earth

We were recently asked by a GEB reader whether or not it is possible to add labels to paths and polygons. The ability to add labels to paths was added to KML with version 6.1 of Google Earth. … [Read more...]

Rotating and Translating Placemarks, Polygons and Paths

The Google Earth placemarks and drawing tools assume that whatever you are marking or drawing is in a fixed geographical location. Although you can move individual placemarks or individual points on a … [Read more...]