Google Earth Imagery update – April 2016

Barely a week after the last imagery update, Google has released some fresh imagery to Google Earth, including imagery up to April 5th, 2016.April imagery.Blue: existing March imagery. Red: … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery update – March 2016

Google has recently pushed the latest imagery updates into 'historical imagery', which means we can make a map of the updates. As always, the outlines are larger than the actual images. The map below … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery update – February 2016

Google has finally pushed the most recently published imagery into the historical imagery layer, so we can find and map out the imagery. We have been aware of new imagery being in the default layer … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update mid-January 2016

Google Earth has received an imagery update recently, with the new imagery showing up in 'historical imagery' in the last couple of days. Until recently the most recent image was from November 30th, … [Read more...]

Some sights we missed

On Monday we had a look at recent imagery in Google Earth. We used the Google Earth plugin to find new imagery. However, either our algorithm is not perfect, or Google has added some more imagery … [Read more...]

Recent imagery updates review

Google has added quite a lot of imagery to Google Earth recently, especially in Australia and East Asia. We have been using the Google Earth plugin to find new imagery. However, we have been having … [Read more...]

Voyager Layer Edition 2: Satellite imagery updates

Yesterday Google released Edition 2 of the 'Voyager layer'. As we did for Edition 1, today we are having a more detailed look at the 'Satellite imagery updates' sublayer.The layer itself does not … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery suppliers

Yesterday we had a look at a way to find recent imagery in Google Earth. We thought it would be interesting to do a survey of the imagery we found and see where Google gets its imagery from. To find … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery updates layer: another look

A couple of weeks ago we had a look at Google Earth's new 'Satellite imagery updates' layer. One notable feature of the new layers is that they can be put into your 'My Places' and then exported to … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Imagery – June 8th, 2015

Google have updated their 'Latest Google Earth Imagery Updates' map. To view it in Google Earth use this KML file. The last time they updated this particular map was for the April 24th update. There … [Read more...]