Acquisition of imagery after natural disasters improving

Last week Hurricane Matthews caused widespread devastation, crossing over Haiti, the Bahamas and then up the east coast of the United States. It caused direct damage from the high winds and waves, … [Read more...]

NOAA post Hurricane Matthew imagery in Google Earth

Yesterday we talked about how the NOAA aerial imagery of the eastern US coast in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is available as map tiles. We investigated how to display map tiles in Google Earth and … [Read more...]

More post-Hurricane Matthews imagery

[ Update: See this post for a KML to view to see the NOAA imagery in Google Earth. ] On Monday we had a look at some imagery via Google Crisis Response of the devastation caused by Hurricane … [Read more...]

Cylcone Roanu: Landslide and Floods

Cyclone Roanu was, according to Wikipedia, a relatively weak tropical cyclone that, nevertheless, caused severe flooding in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In addition, it caused a number of large … [Read more...]

Hurricane season is upon us

Hurricane season is here, and Google has recently put out a helpful blog posts with tips for staying safe. Specifically, they suggest three things: Make sure your phone will receive Public Alerts … [Read more...]

Tracking the weather with Google Earth

With severe storms again rolling across the central US, I thought it'd be a good time to revisit the ways that Google Earth can help you track the weather. Google Earth has a variety of built-in … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene in Google Earth

Hurricane Irene, which has already done some serious damage to Puerto Rico, was recently captured in stunning high resolution by NASA's Terra satellite as it heads toward the east coast of the United … [Read more...]

NASA captures amazing image of Hurricane Paula

A few days ago, Hurricane Paula was bearing down on Honduras and Mexico. While it caused some substantial flooding and destroyed some homes, it weakened rather quickly and is now a tropical storm … [Read more...]