The tallest statues in the world

Ian Brown at Google Sightseeing recently posted a great blog entry that took a look at the ten tallest statues in the world. Most of the statues are of Buddha or Guanyin, many located in … [Read more...]

Looking at nuclear disasters in Google Earth

Sylvan Lane at Mashable recently posted an in-depth look at nuclear disasters over the years, and he made solid use of Google Earth and Google Maps to explain each event. Along with discussions of … [Read more...]

Exploring kudzu infestation in the US

Living in the southeast United States, I'm very familiar with the vine known as kudzu. Introduced to the US from Japan in 1876, kudzu is spreading at an amazing rate of 150,000 acres each year. Kyle … [Read more...]

Exploring airship hangars in Google Earth

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Amphitheatres around the world

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The work of Michael Heizer in Google Earth

When you talk about creating large pieces of artwork, Michael Heizer needs to be at the top of your list.   He's built huge pieces of artwork before, such as Double Negative (which involved digging … [Read more...]

Fake buildings in Google Earth

The folks at Google Sightseeing do an excellent job of finding interesting items on Google Earth that many of us have overlooked.  A recent article from Kyle Kusch is a great example of that, as he … [Read more...]

The best roller coasters in Google Earth

Growing up in mid-Michigan, a popular destination for short family vacations was Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  With tons of huge roller coasters, it is an amazing place to visit. Because of the … [Read more...]

Exploring Monument Valley in Google Earth

Located in the western United States, "Monument Valley" is known for it's impressive sandstone buttes that rise out of the earth in random and majestic ways.  As with most natural formations, such as … [Read more...]

Midway Atoll in Google Earth

It was the location one of the missions that Louis Zamperini flew in World War II, and it's one of the most remote locations ever captured by Street View: Midway Atoll. With a population of … [Read more...]