The Perpetual Ocean in Google Earth

Earlier this month, NASA released a very popular animation titled "Perpetual Ocean", which showed the ocean surface currents from June 2005 through December 2007. I felt that Google Earth would … [Read more...]

Google reorganizes the “Ocean” Layer

As Google continues to add more content to the various Layers in Google Earth, they often take time to reorganize things a little bit. This time it's the "Ocean" layer that's been somewhat shifted … [Read more...]

View new high-resolution underwater terrain to celebrate World Oceans Day

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Google has released a significant amount of brand new high-resolution ocean floor imagery, amounting to an area larger than North America! Captured from nearly 500 … [Read more...]

Panoramio is now adding photos from the Ocean

The folks at Panoramio have been busy! Just a few days ago they announced some nicely improved KML files, and now they've announced that photos from the ocean will be landing in Panoramio very … [Read more...]

Ocean layer is now a default for all users

Just over a year ago, Google unveiled their 3D ocean in Google Earth. Since then, they've added a variety of features to it such as improving the visualizations, adding high-res terrain and even … [Read more...]

Some parts of the ocean are now high-resolution

We mentioned it briefly a few days ago, and Google has now released some of that new data for the ocean in Google Earth. As Google explains in their blog, most of the underwater terrain is generated … [Read more...]

Fresh Update to the Ocean Expeditions layer

Google has just updated the Ocean Expeditions layer in Google Earth, and they've added some great content about expeditions around the world. To access this layer, simply check the Ocean Expeditions … [Read more...]

World Oceans Day, 3D Design Competition, Britain Archeological Site, New Imagery Tour Idea

World Oceans Day - This is a good thing - the UN has declared today World Oceans Day. I like the idea of "Wear Blue Tell Two" - wear something blue and tell two people something about the oceans they … [Read more...]

Submarine Sim for Google Ocean

Speaking of submarines, when the new 3D Ocean was added to Google Earth 5 back in February, my first impression was that the experience of going through the ocean was like being in a submarine. A … [Read more...]

Google Earth 5 Cool Tip: Flight Simulator in Ocean or Mars

I've been meaning to say something about this ever since Google Earth 5 was released earlier this month. Lots of people have discovered it on their own. The new Ocean and Mars features in GE 5 are … [Read more...]