Residents of Mars part 2

This is part 2 of our list of Mars residents that we started last week. Since last week's post some new imagery of the Schiaparelli landing site has been released. However, it is not yet available on … [Read more...]

Finding Curiosity with Mars HiRISE imagery in Google Earth

Yesterday we had a look at the track of the Curiosity rover in Google Earth. We noticed that there is some very high resolution imagery of the area. We have previously experimented with getting Mars … [Read more...]

The Curiosity rover track

With the recent attempted landing on Mars we thought it might be a good time to discuss another Mars inhabitant, NASA's Curiosity rover. GEB reader Fernando Nogal let us know about a KML file he … [Read more...]

Getting HIRISE imagery into Google Mars

We came across this interesting article which suggests that Mars may have not only had large seas, but that it may have experienced gigantic Tsunamis, the results of which can be seen to this day. If … [Read more...]