Using Google Earth to track environmental impact

We have discussed the amazing work that Google Earth Outreach does quite a few times on here, and they continue to assist with amazing projects around the world. They recently released a video that … [Read more...]

Removing landmines with the help of Google Earth

The HALO Trust was formed in 1998 to help clear landmines from war-torn countries. The scope of this project is unbelievable -- they've already cleared over 13 million landmines from over 414,000 … [Read more...]

Learn more about Google Earth Outreach with their Hangout on Air

Last week we showed you the excellent "Hangout on Air" (multi-user video chat on Google+) that a few members of the Google Earth team participated in. It was quite informative, and a great way to … [Read more...]

Beautiful images from Google Earth Outreach

Since its introduction in 2007, we've talked quite a bit about Google Earth Outreach. They work hard to help nonprofits and others to "visualize their cause and tell their story" by using … [Read more...]

Google Earth Outreach Grants

It's been nearly four years since the Google Earth Outreach initiative was introduced, and they've done some great things with it in that time including some excellent resources related to the gulf … [Read more...]

EPA data now featured in Google Earth Outreach

Last month, we showed you the KMZ file that the EPA released that had a ton of data about the Gulf oil spill. Google has now featured that data on their Google Earth Outreach site. The depth of … [Read more...]

Google Earth Outreach Upgrade

Google Earth Outreach is a group within Google dedicated to providing assistance to non-profit organizations wanting to use GE to reach their target audiences with visualizations about their favorite … [Read more...]

Links: Outreach Birthday, Bullit Chase Scene, NIN Downloads, KMLWiki

Outreach Birthday - Google has mentioned the first birthday of the Google Earth Outreach program. This excellent program helps organizations leverage Google Earth/Maps and other Google products to … [Read more...]

Links: Outreach Showcase, Spreadsheet mapping, Geo Test, KML Lesson Talk

Outreach Showcase - The Google Earth Outreach Showcase is Google's current favorite method of sharing what it considers the best global awareness KML content for Google Earth. New content with … [Read more...]

Big Update to Google Earth Outreach

The Google Earth Outreach program was announced last June in a media-filled room at the NewYork Google Offices (which I attended). The purpose of Outreach is to provide assistance to a variety of … [Read more...]