More about the new Landsat / Sentinel 2 data in Google Earth

Yesterday Google surprised us by adding global mosaics created from Landsat and Sentinel 2 data to the Google Earth's 'historical imagery'. The data comes to Google Earth via Google Earth Engine, … [Read more...]

Global Fishing Watch

Although it is not directly related to Google Earth, Global Fishing Watch does use geographic 'big data', so we thought it would be worth covering. Global Fishing Watch is a partnership between … [Read more...]

Land lost vs. land gained

We recently came across this interesting article by National Geographic about a recent study of land/water changes over the last 30 years. The study is by researchers at the Deltares Research … [Read more...]

Google My Maps vs Google Maps

As mentioned in this recent post, users that have custom maps are being migrated from the Classic My Maps to Google's new version of My Maps which was formerly Google Maps Engine Lite. This … [Read more...]