More post-Hurricane Matthews imagery

[ Update: See this post for a KML to view to see the NOAA imagery in Google Earth. ] On Monday we had a look at some imagery via Google Crisis Response of the devastation caused by Hurricane … [Read more...]

Hurricane Matthew imagery via Google Crisis Response

Hurricane Matthew is an extra-tropical cyclone that impacted Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and The Bahamas and as of this writing is moving along the coast of the southeastern United States … [Read more...]

First satellite imagery of flooding in southern India

South eastern India has recently experienced major flooding. The floods have been caused by a combination of unusually high rainfall and a number of human factors, including unplanned urban … [Read more...]

Google Crisis Response

Google Crisis Response provides a variety of tools to assist with crisis response efforts around the globe. One of the tools it provides is maps, which often include satellite imagery of relevant … [Read more...]

Crater and blast damage of Tianjin explosions now visible in Google Earth

There has been an imagery update in Google Earth and it includes a DigitalGlobe image captured on August 22nd, 2015, of Tianjin China. It shows the crater and other damage from the series of … [Read more...]

Google publishes Crisis Response map for Boulder, Colorado

Similar to maps that Google has released in the past for places like Alberta and Moore, they've just published a Crisis Response map to assist with the flooding in Boulder, Colorado. You can view the … [Read more...]

Google publishes Crisis Response map for the Alberta Flooding

As they do after many major weather-related events around the world (such as Moore, Oklahoma last month), Google has just published a Crisis Response map for Alberta to help citizens deal with the … [Read more...]

Moore, Oklahoma in Google Earth

As Google often does after horrible events like the tornadoes in Oklahoma this week, Google has created a Crisis Response Page to assist with the relief effort. ┬áThe map includes a wealth of … [Read more...]

Responding to the Thailand Floods

As Google often does during disasters (such as the Gulf Oil Spill and the Japan Earthquake, Google has set up a Crisis Response page to help provide information for those trying to assist with the … [Read more...]

Google offers a ton of info about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

We've posted a few times (April 28, April 30) with imagery from the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now Google has published an official "crisis response" page for the oil spill, … [Read more...]