A Tour Maker for the new Google Earth

Last week we had a look at the new Voyager tours in the new Google Earth and suggested that Google create a tour maker or at least release instructions on how to create them. It turns out that, Josh … [Read more...]

Where next after the Google Earth API?

With the end of the Google Earth API imminent we are having a look at what various sites that depend, or used to depend on the Google Earth API are doing about it. Earlier this year we did a showcase … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: GE Teach

This is the fifth post in our series showcasing the Google Earth plugin. Today we are looking at GE Teach, an excellent site that we have looked at a number of times in the past. Created by geography … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin gradually fading away

Due to the uncertain future of the Google Earth plugin, many prominent sites that used to use it have started to transition to other alternatives. Here are three examples: Ships 2 Career from … [Read more...]

Viewing the polar vortex in Google Earth

For those of you shivering in the United States, you may have read that a "polar vortex" is to blame for the shockingly low temperatures. ¬†For a new look at that phenomenon, the folks at NOAA have … [Read more...]

GE Teach to receive a Geographic Excellence in Media Award

Late in 2011 we told you about GEteach, an exceptional educational website developed by geography teacher Josh Williams. Using the Google Earth Plug-in, GEteach provides easy access for students to … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth in the classroom

Since the earliest days of Google Earth, many have viewed it as an amazing tool to use in the classroom - and they're right! We first showed some educational uses for Google Earth more than five … [Read more...]