Google publishes Crisis Response map for Boulder, Colorado

Similar to maps that Google has released in the past for places like Alberta and Moore, they've just published a Crisis Response map to assist with the flooding in Boulder, Colorado. You can view the … [Read more...]

Google publishes Crisis Response map for the Alberta Flooding

As they do after many major weather-related events around the world (such as Moore, Oklahoma last month), Google has just published a Crisis Response map for Alberta to help citizens deal with the … [Read more...]

Fresh imagery from the flooding in Thailand

Last week, we showed you Google's Crisis Response page for the flooding in Thailand. NASA's Earth Observatory has now released some new imagery from the area and it's quite striking. You can view the … [Read more...]

Responding to the Thailand Floods

As Google often does during disasters (such as the Gulf Oil Spill and the Japan Earthquake, Google has set up a Crisis Response page to help provide information for those trying to assist with the … [Read more...]

New false color image of the Morganza flooding

The NASA Earth Observatory has just posted a very powerful false-color image of the flooding that resulted from opening the Morganza spillway last week. The reason for the false-color in this imagery … [Read more...]

Imagery from the Louisiana flooding

A couple of days ago we showed you the location of the Morganza Spillway and the expected flood area, and now some fresh satellite imagery is coming in to show what's actually been happening. The … [Read more...]

High-res imagery of the Mississippi River flooding

GeoEye has just released some brand new high-res imagery of the flooding that is happening near Cairo, Illinois, due to the rising Mississippi and Ohio rivers. You can view it yourself using this KML … [Read more...]

More imagery from Pakistan flooding

Unlike the imagery that we showed you last week that covered a large area of Pakistan, the imagery we're showing today is quite zoomed in. However, it really shows the devastation facing the … [Read more...]

Imagery of the flooding in Pakistan

UPDATE, 13-August: Google has now put out a blog entry with a lot more info from their Crisis Response team about the flooding -- read it here. A few days ago we told you that Google was seeking … [Read more...]

Google Earth Helps Indian Citizens Trapped by Flood Waters

This is an interesting application of Google Earth: In Gujarat last week, some serious flooding left many people stranded. The city of Surat, India was particularly hard hit and the Indian Air … [Read more...]