Floods around the world as seen in Google Earth

Flooding is a remarkably common phenomenon around the globe. Satellite imaging companies often try to capture imagery of the floods as such imagery is useful for governments and emergency services. … [Read more...]

Louisiana flooding as seen in Sentinel imagery

As we mentioned in Monday's post, southern Louisiana is experiencing major flooding. One of the worst affected areas is to the east of Baton Rouge, where the Amite River has burst its banks, flooding … [Read more...]

What’s that Image: Fire, Flood and Mud

Today we are having a look at some of the interesting imagery we have been able to find in the latest Google Earth imagery update. In November last year there were a number of bush fires in South … [Read more...]

Mississippi flooding

Unseasonably warm weather in the eastern US resulted in tornadoes just before Christmas. In the following weeks high rainfall has lead to the upper Mississippi river and its tributaries experiencing … [Read more...]

Flash floods in North Korea

Normally when we look at satellite imagery of North Korea it is because there is something interesting relating to the politics of the country, such as statues, uranium plants or nuclear tests. We … [Read more...]

First satellite imagery of flooding in southern India

South eastern India has recently experienced major flooding. The floods have been caused by a combination of unusually high rainfall and a number of human factors, including unplanned urban … [Read more...]

2015 Brazil floods in Google Earth

Earlier this week we looked a flood damage in Georgia and Texas. Thank you to GEB reader for pointing us to imagery of flooding in Magdeburg, Germany in 2013. Find it in Google Earth with this KML … [Read more...]

Flood damage in Google Earth

We have looked at flooding a number of times in the past, including satellite and aerial imagery of flooding and its aftermath, crisis response maps, simulated sea level rise and most recently a data … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to predict sea level rise

A new study released recently by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the University of Innsbruck includes some impactful visualizations of what sea level rise could mean to various … [Read more...]

Falcon UAV drones assisting with flooding in Colorado – until FEMA stops them

A few days ago we shared the Boulder, Colorado crisis response map with you, as the area is continuing to be inundated with rain and flooding. ¬†As they continue to fight the water, another interesting … [Read more...]