Fairy Circles in South Africa

We recently took a trip from Cape Town to the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and on the way noticed what looked like patches of bare ground or nearly bare ground: The above are photos we … [Read more...]

Seeing worm poo from space

We recently came across this interesting article about a South American phenomenon of mounds known as surales. Apparently scientists have demonstrated that they consist largely of earthworm excrement … [Read more...]

Fairy circles

In January we had a look at ant and termite colonies as seen from space. In that post we mentioned the phenomena of Fairy Circles from Namibia. Fairy Circles are regular patches of bare ground in the … [Read more...]

Ant Cities from Space

We recently came across this article about an area near the Grand Canyon where you can see circular patches of bare ground in the imagery. The bare patches are believed to be caused by ant nests and … [Read more...]