Using Google Earth to teach math

A common refrain for students in a math class is "when are we ever gonna need this?" Real World Math is a site that tries to put math skills into real-world situations to help them feel more useful to … [Read more...]

More great Google Earth resources for teachers

Last month we shared some great tips for you on how to use Google Earth in academic settings as the school year was kicking off. ¬†Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has taken it further and launched a … [Read more...]

Going back to school with Google Earth

Many people are gearing up the end of summer break and the start of school. In fact, our daughters just left for their first day of the school year, as have thousands of others from Kindergarten to … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Balloon Maker

Google Earth is an amazing tool for education. ¬†Frank has shown off educational uses for Earth a number of times over the years, and we've seen other examples such as schools allowing the use of … [Read more...]