Higher resolution contours with Mapzen altitude tiles

We recently did several posts about drawing contours using altitude data from different Altitude API services. The first version used the Google Maps Elevation API and the second used Mapzen's … [Read more...]

Improving our contour algorithm

Last week we featured a tool for drawing contours which uses the Mapzen altitude API. We used a very simple algorithm called 'Marching Squares' that we found on Wikipedia. However, as GEB reader Боби … [Read more...]

More fun with contours

Last week we had a look at drawing contour lines using the Google Maps Elevation API. Because of restrictions on what you are allowed to do with Google's elevation data, we chose not to create KML … [Read more...]

Drawing contours with altitude data

Thank you to GEB reader 'DJ' for suggesting this idea in the comments of our post on simulating lakes. It turns out that the algorithm for drawing contours given a regular array of altitude data is … [Read more...]