The Blue Marble

On Friday we looked at a view of the earth at night created by NASA. Today we are looking at another map created by NASA called Blue Marble. We have looked at NASA's Blue Marble images a number of … [Read more...]

Blue Marble in the year 3000

Ever since Frank put together the "Blue Marble" overlay, it's been one of my favorite overlays for Google Earth. I leave it on almost all the time, because it creates such a nice view of the earth … [Read more...]

Nice updates to the Blue Marble

Google Earth provides some amazing imagery of the earth, but as most of you know, the wide view of earth isn't the greatest due to the patchwork of imagery across the globe. Fortunately, back in 2006 … [Read more...]

New Blue Marble Add-on Version 2.0

This Blue Marble Version 2.0 add-on overlays a beautiful image of the Earth created by NASA, called the Blue Marble Next Generation, when viewing Google Earth from space. When you get get closer to … [Read more...]

Beautiful Blue Marble and Clouds Add-on for Google Earth

Probably my oldest and most-wanted feature-request for Google Earth has been to show NASA's beautiful Blue Marble images for the Earth when zoomed out. Several months ago I actually went to the … [Read more...]

Blue Marble Time Animation in Google Earth

Last year NASA released Blue Marble Next Generation which are cloudless color-enhanced images of the entire Earth. Even better, they released one complete view of the Earth for every month of the … [Read more...]

Blue Marble – Google Earth Generation

NASA's "Blue Marble" is a beautiful series of high-resolution cloudless pictures of the Earth from space. Their most famous version was generated in 2002 and has been used widely by a variety of … [Read more...]