Google Earth ‘Rainbow Planes’ Inspire Art

Fast moving objects, such as aircraft, when seen in satellite imagery often show ghosting or a 'rainbow effect'. This is caused by the way satellite cameras work taking several photos in succession … [Read more...]

Happy Christmas with Google Earth directions

Yesterday we had a look at the work of Japanese GPS artist Yassan. We contacted him to ask about getting his routes in KML format. He was unable to release the 'Peace on Earth' route featured … [Read more...]

Art from Google Earth imagery and the Google Maps/Earth TOS

We recently came across two stories in the news about people creating art from Google Earth imagery. The first is this one about Mishka Henner. His work appears to consist of unaltered screen shots … [Read more...]

The artwork of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Google Earth

We have a number of times looked at art work large enough to see in Google Earth, including some of the largest pieces of art in the world. Just over a year ago, we had a look at a piece of art … [Read more...]

Art from Google Earth Imagery

We have several times looked at satellite imagery that can serve as art. We have also looked at a Chrome extension called Earth View that uses satellite imagery as a background in new tabs in Google … [Read more...]

The artwork of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Google Earth

Jorge Rodriquez-Gerada is an artist that creates amazingly large pieces of art. A great example is his "WISH" installation, shown below, which took several years to complete. I grabbed a copy of … [Read more...]

Designing carpets based on Google Earth imagery

We've seen Google Earth imagery used to create artwork in the form of items such as "Every Basketball Court in Manhattan" and Bill Guffey's Street View-based art, but today's story from the … [Read more...]

Searching the Earth for Art

We've seen sites in the past the collect various placemarks to view in Google Earth, giving you quick access to interesting sites around the world. is similar to some of those, but with … [Read more...]

Earth As Art

Last night we showed you some of the fresh new imagery that Google released, and we're still digging to find other areas that are new, but today we've got something a bit different. Wired Magazine … [Read more...]