Moving sand in Landsat animations

Last week Google added global mosaics in historical imagery for each year going back to 1985. The mosaics are created from mostly Landsat imagery with a bit of Sentinel 2 imagery for the last couple … [Read more...]

Animating in Google Earth Part 2 – Importing Models

This is the second in a series of posts discussing animating in Google Earth that we started last week. Today we are not looking at animation itself, but how to get a model into Google Earth that you … [Read more...]

Animating in Google Earth

This is the first in a series of posts on animating in Google Earth. It is generally well known that Google Earth can display 3D models provided in KML files. Less well known is that it is possible to … [Read more...]

‘Stabilizing’ our Landsat imagery animations

We have recently been doing a series of posts about Sentinel and Landsat imagery on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including releasing a KML file that automatically retrieves thumbnails of Landsat 8 … [Read more...]

Animating Sentinel-2 imagery in Google Earth

We have recently been doing a series of posts about Sentinel and Landsat imagery on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We created tools to let you quickly preview the latest Sentinel and Landsat imagery in … [Read more...]

Animating Landsat imagery in Google Earth

[ Update: We have updated the KML file with more stable animations and the ability to zoom in and out and pan. See this post for more details. ] Last week we created a KML file to easily preview the … [Read more...]

Animating Lusaka, Zambia

We were recently having a look at the historical imagery of Lusaka, Zambia, and we noticed that there is a lot of historical imagery for the last two years. There is an image nearly every week. Lots … [Read more...]

Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival in Google Earth

Here at GEB we have traditionally celebrated the new year with a Google Earth fireworks animation created by Steven Ho. This past new year we decided to expand on the idea by allowing you to create … [Read more...]

Seeing imperfect orthorectifcation in Google Earth imagery

Yesterday we talked about orthorectification and how it is imperfect, especially when using an inaccurate terrain model. We thought we would have a look at the effect using historical imagery. We used … [Read more...]

Animating historical imagery using Google Earth Tours

Last year we showed you how to animate Google Earth historical imagery using the Google Earth plugin. However, the Google Earth plugin has been deprecated and is set to stop working on December 12th, … [Read more...]