Mapzen altitude tiles in Google Earth

A couple of weeks ago we set up a server that allows you to view the NOAA's post Hurricane Matthew aerial imagery in Google Earth. The imagery comes from the NOAA's map, which provides the data in … [Read more...]

Weird altitude effects in Google Earth

Yesterday we made some Google Earth tours of various US parks. We recorded the tours using Google Earth's built in 'Record a tour' button on the tool bar and then navigating with a SpaceNavigator 3D … [Read more...]

Altitudes and polygons in Google Earth

When creating the Santa Tracker we made use of some code we had previously written for creating arcs in Google Earth. As we noted in that post, however, the arcs use relative altitudes, but for … [Read more...]

Google gets altitude wrong and drowns a city

Thank you to GEB reader 'jonahtornado' for letting us know that Google appears to have got the altitude wrong in the 3D for the Italian city of Crotone. If looked at in Google Earth with the 'Water … [Read more...]