Google Earth Voyager layer update: Go on safari

Back in June, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Google Earth, Google introduced some new layers to Google Earth under the heading 'Voyager'. Today, the layer has received an update and … [Read more...]

High Resolution African Animals in Google Earth

Nearly six years ago, the "National Geographic Magazine" layer was added to Google Earth. While we haven't discussed it much lately, it remains one of the great gems inside of Google Earth. You can … [Read more...]

MegaFlyover Photographer to Receive Lindbergh Award

J. Michael Fay, is the National Geographic Magazine photographer who took over 90,000 aerial photos of Africa. A sample of 500 of the photos are shown in the Google Earth Megaflyover layer (see the … [Read more...]

See African Animals in High Resolution in Google Earth

When Google first released the National Geographic layer to Google Earth last September, the African Megaflyover images were an instant hit. Sometimes people browsing the African continent in Google … [Read more...]

Categorized African Animals in Google Earth

[NOTE: Make sure you have the "Gallery->National Geographic Magazine->African Megaflyover" layer turned on in your Layer's pane on the left side of GE. The red airplane icons show the location of the … [Read more...]