US National Parks in 3D for centenary

In our August month-end post we mentioned that Monument Valley, Arizona / Utah was now in 3D in Google Earth. Several other US parks also received 3D imagery at the same time. What we didn't realise … [Read more...]

Washington, D.C. now has Google Earth 3D

Google has recently pushed out a number of new 3D areas. Of special note is Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States of America. Google usually takes its time releasing capital cities … [Read more...]

What does it take to process 3D imagery?

Google has recently been pushing out 3D imagery of various Brazilian cities in preparation for the Olympics. The interesting part, however, is that the imagery isn't new. The imagery of Rio de … [Read more...]

3D imagery slow down?

As our regular readers know we maintain a map of areas that have Google's 3D imagery. We not only track current coverage but also have a timeline. Google has been adding to the area covered with 3D at … [Read more...]

Lexington Financial Center vanishes

Thank you to GEB reader Jackson for letting us know that the Lexington Financial Center, a tall building in Lexington, Kentucky, is completely absent in the recently released 3D imagery for the … [Read more...]

Ghostly planes in Google Earth 3D imagery

We recently came across this story about what at first sight appears to be a plane at the bottom of a lake. Today we are looking at how this 'ghosting' effect comes about. The two 'ghostly planes' … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D imagery progress

Google continues to push out new 3D imagery on a regular basis. However, an increasingly large proportion of it is updates to areas that already had 3D imagery. The updated areas are generally better … [Read more...]

Maintaining our map of 3D areas

Yesterday we had a look at the progress made by Google in releasing 3D imagery for Google Earth. For this we used this KML map that we maintain that shows the areas covered by 3D imagery. This has … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D Imagery progress report

[Update: It turns out the September figures are wrong (thank you Frank) due to errors in the KML not being handled well by the Area calculator we used. Here is the updated chart. ] It has been a … [Read more...]

Google’s 3D is not just for cities

Google has been rolling out 3D imagery for over three years. The focus has been almost entirely on centres of population. However, there are a few places where Google has mapped interesting … [Read more...]