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This page is devoted to providing links to important web resources about Google Earth, KML/KMZ, sightseeing GE’s satellite/aerial photos, software tools, games, and more. For an even longer list of links, check out OgleEarth’s links page.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Google Earth
  2. About Google Earth Files – KML/KMZ
  3. Google Earth Help / FAQs
  4. 3D Modeling Tools and Resources
  5. Recommended Reading/Blogs
  6. Google Earth Related Blogs
  7. Sightseeing Sites
  8. Google Earth Conversion Tools
  9. Google Earth for Teachers
  10. GPS Visualization Tools/Software
  11. Google Earth Storm Tracking/Weather
  12. Google Earth Games
  13. Other Google Blogs


Getting Started with Google Earth


Here are some useful links for getting immersed in the Google Earth experience:

About Google Earth Files – KML/KMZ


Documentation on the file format used by Google Earth. It is essentially a schema for geographic information using XML, but adds features used by Google Earth to enhance the experience. By the way, it is “K”ML because Google Earth was derived from a product by a company called Keyhole.

Google Earth Help / FAQs


3D Modeling Tools and Resources


Recommended Reading/Blogs


Google Earth Related Blogs/Sites




Web sites which provide links to interesting places to see within Google Earth or Maps:

Google Earth Conversion Tools


Google Earth for Teachers/Educators


GPS Track Visualization Tools/Software


Google Earth Storm Tracking / Weather


Google Earth Games


Other Google Blogs


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