Fairy Circles in South Africa

We recently took a trip from Cape Town to the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and on the way noticed what looked like patches of bare ground or nearly bare ground: The above are photos we … [Read more...]

Landslide and Tsunami in Greenland

Last Saturday, on 17th June, a landslide in Greenland caused a tidal wave, killing four people and injuring nine in the community of Nuugaatsiaq. Two other communities, Igdlorssuit and Viaqornat, were … [Read more...]

A Landslide in California with Planet Imagery

We love Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery for their easy accessibility and global coverage, but they are rather low resolution at 10 m per pixel for Sentinel-2 and 15 m per pixel for Landsat. Commercial … [Read more...]

Google Earth Quiz Maker

Thank you to GEB reader Dieter van Werkum for letting us know about a Google Earth quiz maker he has created. See here for a sample of what it can produce, and the source code is on Github. He has … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Malta and greater coverage in South Korea

Thank you to GEB reader Adino for letting us know that the island nation of Malta is the latest country to get Street View. We also discovered that South Korea has received expanded coverage. Street … [Read more...]

Counting Gray Seals with Google Earth Imagery

We recently came across this article about a scientific study of the populations gray seals in the North Atlantic that used Google Earth imagery to do a census. One of the locations mentioned in the … [Read more...]

Excel to KML Two Way Converter

In January we created a simple KML converter that takes a KML file and produces a csv file that is easily opened with Microsoft Excel. Recently GEB reader David Kettle asked whether it would be … [Read more...]

Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Google Earth

When looking through the latest imagery update in Google Earth, we came across some images in northern Uganda. They were captured by DigitalGlobe as part of their 'FirstLook' programme and relate to … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update: Mudslides in Argentina and Oroville Dam update

Mudslides in Argentina In January, 2017, heavy rains in the northern Argentine province of Jujuy resulted in several mudslides that killed two women and injured at least five other people. Google has … [Read more...]

Data Usage: Google Earth Classic vs New Earth

The new web-based Google Earth is based on a completely new graphics engine. So, we wondered whether or not Google had implemented any compression algorithms or other mechanisms to reduce the amount … [Read more...]