First Review of New Google Earth

Google has released a new version of Google Earth today that has been re-designed for a new generation of 3D mapping applications. This first release is not a program you have to download and install … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Web Version Available Now

Went to check the Google Earth home page ahead of the press announcement this morning. Turns out there is a new home page which announces right at the top "Launch Earth for Chrome" with a big title … [Read more...]

Attending Press Announcement for New Google Earth

As was mentioned last week by dozens of media outlets, Google sent out press invitations to an event for April 18th to roll out a "brand new Google Earth" experience. I will be attending and will … [Read more...]

Calibration marks for a classified spy mission

We recently came across this interesting article about some mysterious crosses in the Arizona desert around Casa Grande. Also see here. Apparently the crosses were used as calibration targets for the … [Read more...]

The New Google Earth is finally coming April 18

Google has sent press invitations announcing a first look at the "brand new" Google Earth on April 18. Just in time for Earth Day (which is April 22). Anyone reading this blog, which has been a fan … [Read more...]

California’s Super Bloom in satellite imagery

We recently came across this interesting article which features imagery from satellite imaging company Planet, showing the flower blooms in California between December 2016 and March 2017. Although … [Read more...]

Using shadows to tell the time in Google Earth imagery

Have you ever wondered what time a particular image was captured? Google Earth does not show times, only dates. We noticed in the Google Earth Enterprise documentation that 'Acquisition date' only … [Read more...]

Google Earth Enterprise now Open Source

As we mentioned in February, Google has decided to Open Source Google Earth Enterprise. It is available for download on GitHub. [ Update: Thank you to GEB reader Eddy Shipman for pointing us to … [Read more...]

China’s new islands in the South China Sea

Back in 2015 we had a look at the islands that China has been building in the South China Sea. Last year we took another look at Fiery Cross Reef. Many of the islands have grown significantly since … [Read more...]

The War in Yemen

Most of the major war zones today are blanket censored in Google Earth, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Israel isn't completely censored, but due to a US law, has only low resolution … [Read more...]