Instructions for submitting outlines for inclusion in the 3D imagery map KML

First, use this Google Docs spreadsheet kindly maintained by GEB reader Frank to check whether anyone else is already drawing an outline and to note your intention to draw an outline.

We have recently not been bothering with named placemarks for the “Place markers” section, so treat them as optional. If we receive them, we will include them.

For new expansions of areas, only submit the outer edge of the new area. Preferably use a Path rather than a Polygon. If you do use a Polygon have only one segment between the end points.

If there are more than one regions added, draw them separately.

1. New region. 2. Original region. 3. New region

Avoid unnecessary points as they add to the size of the file.

If possible include the ‘date first seen’ in the KML file.