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30 de Agosto 2006

See African Animals in High Resolution in Google Earth

Camels in Google EarthWhen Google first released the National Geographic layer to Google Earth last September, the African Megaflyover images were an instant hit. Sometimes people browsing the African continent in Google Earth will be surprised to notice a tiny image and zoom in close to find a really high resolution image of a village or animals. (Yes, shown here is a screenshot from Google Earth of an aerial photo of some camels). If you turn on the African Megaflyover sub-layer under the National Geographic layer you will see about 500 little red airplane icons appear over the continent of Africa. Double click on the planes to zoom in and see what you find.

Someone named "Reggie98" posted a really nice collection of placemarks which has the photos of African animals categorized according to type and put into placemark subfolders. You can find: elephants, hippos, goats, flamingos, seals, and more. Simply open the folder "African animals" and you will see the list of animals, or double click on the photo icons as you zoom across Africa. This is a more informative and organized way to examine these wonderfully detailed photos from the National Geographic collection. This story was first posted in October last year, but most of you have probably not seen it.

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    Here is one of the highest res photos I've seen on google. However, many of the people in the photo are looking upward. It makes me wonder if this was taken from an airplane/helicopter.

    "Donkeys and bicycles" lat=-3.00232201651, lon=33.0899494374

    Enviado por: bmw97ic008 at 1 de Febrero 2007 a las 10:05 PM

    Here are two images of the same spot. It is a large group of hippos. The photos are the same location but taken at different times and placed at two different locations on the grid. One of the images is turned about 90+ degrees (so that is fits with the flow of the river).
    If you look closely, you'll see the same dead hippo in both images on the edge of the river.

    Image 1. "Mud, mud, glorious mud!" lat=-6.62940531979, lon=31.1369706802

    Image 2. "Ouch - stop pushing!" lat=-6.62889367994, lon=31.1360522686

    Enviado por: bmw97ic008 at 1 de Febrero 2007 a las 10:13 PM

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