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Since August 1, 2017, Google Earth Blog has stopped regular blogging. We are no longer answering questions about Google Earth. Please check the forums link below, or look at the FAQ below. Also, try using the Basics page for commonly needed explanations about Google Earth.

Google has their own Google Earth and Maps help forum where you can post questions: see here.

You can also try the Google Earth Community forums maintained by fans of the product: see here.

Google Earth Blog FAQ

How do I make a correction to the map?
For single corrections use the ‘send feedback‘ link in the menus of Google Maps on your web browser or on your mobile device.

When will Google update my satellite / aerial imagery or Street View?
Google get their imagery from a wide variety of sources, and due to there being so many factors involved, it is impossible to predict when and where they will do updates. Frank did an excellent article about this found here. You should also keep in mind that the imagery displayed in Google Earth might not be the most recent available, so be sure to check the ‘Historical Imagery’ feature in Google Earth. More information about this can be found here. Instructions on how to use it, can be found here. An article about why the dates displayed in Google Earth may not always be completely accurate, can be found here.

Please update my satellite / aerial imagery, Street View or 3D imagery.
We have a detailed article about this question here. In summary, Google does not take requests for imagery updates. However, it is possible to add imagery to Street View using their Photo Sphere smartphone app.

Can I buy a satellite image of a particular location and time not found in Google Earth?
If you cannot find the date you are looking for in Google Earth and you are willing to spend money, one option is to purchase the satellite imagery. However, you may find the few other dates they have will have clouds, haze, or have other issues making them unsuitable for viewing. Suppliers of satellite imagery include:

For very low resolution imagery, consider the free Landsat 8 imagery. A better choice is to contact local commercial or government aerial photographers who may have larger archives of historical imagery for you to choose and acquire.

Please unblur an image in Street View.
As far as we know this is not possible. Google blurs images for privacy reasons and the process of verifying that you are the person in the image or have the necessary authority to ask for it to be unblurred would be just too complicated.