Tracking Tropical Storm Karen with Google Earth

While Tropical Storm Karen is continuing to weaken as it approaches land, it is never wise to ignore a storm of this size if you're in the path. If you'd like to keep an eye on Karen using Google … [Read more...]

Google publishes Crisis Response map for Boulder, Colorado

Similar to maps that Google has released in the past for places like Alberta and Moore, they've just published a Crisis Response map to assist with the flooding in Boulder, Colorado. You can view the … [Read more...]

Imagery from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado now in Google Earth

As they did not long after Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast United States last fall, Google has just pushed out new imagery from the devastating tornado that recently hit Moore, … [Read more...]

Moore, Oklahoma in Google Earth

As Google often does after horrible events like the tornadoes in Oklahoma this week, Google has created a Crisis Response Page to assist with the relief effort. ┬áThe map includes a wealth of … [Read more...]

Tracking Winter Storm Nemo with Google Earth

The forecast models still aren't in complete agreement, but it appears that Winter Storm Nemo could break some records when it hits the northeastern United States later today and tomorrow. It's … [Read more...]

Tracking Winter Storm Euclid with Google Earth

A major winter storm is ripping across the eastern United States right now, with blizzard warnings stretching 730 continuous miles. Google Earth offers some great tools for tracking storms such as … [Read more...]

Predicting volcanic ash with Google Earth

The "Puff-Volcanic Ash Tracking Model" is a system of Google Maps and Google Earth KML files that help predict the ash patterns for volcanoes around the world. As explained in their user manual: Puff … [Read more...]

Visualizing 14,000 ski lifts with Google Earth and Fusion Tables

There are a lot of weather sites on the internet, but a new site has hit the scene and is off to a great start -- Uber Weather. Uber Weather has most of the features you'd expect from a weather site, … [Read more...]

Google releases first batch of post-Sandy imagery

Google has just released some imagery of the northeastern United States post-Hurricane Sandy, and it includes many miles of shoreline in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The imagery is remarkably … [Read more...]

Tracking Hurricane Sandy in Google Earth

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the Bahamas and heading toward the United States, Google has set up their Crisis Response Map to try to help with the situation. The map includes various tools such as … [Read more...]