DailyMotoRide adds Google Earth Plug-in support

DailyMotoRide.com has been posting "the world's best motorcycle roads" for over a year now, making great use of various Google tools including Google Maps and Street View. Combined with the elevation … [Read more...]

Explore the 2012 London Olympics in Google Earth

As I'm sure you know, the 2012 London Olympics kick off today, and there are a lot of great ways to use Google Earth to explore the city of London and the various Olympic venues around town. New … [Read more...]

Touring the rebirth of Crissy Field

Located just east of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Crissy Field is a beautiful 100-acre national park that attracts more than one million visitors every year. However, it wasn't long ago … [Read more...]

Removing landmines with the help of Google Earth

The HALO Trust was formed in 1998 to help clear landmines from war-torn countries. The scope of this project is unbelievable -- they've already cleared over 13 million landmines from over 414,000 … [Read more...]

Some great updates from Meograph

Earlier this month we told you about Meograph, the "four-dimensional storytelling" engine, and they've been hard at work improving the system. The new features include: • Playback Control: … [Read more...]

TourMaker, plus Harrisburg University via the Google Earth Diorama

Over the past few months, Colin Hazelhurst has brought us a variety of excellent tours of Captain James Cook's various expeditions, such as his exploration of Australia. Colin has since built a tool … [Read more...]

Using maps to help protect coral reefs

Since the early days of Google Earth, organizations have found it to be an excellent tool for tracking the status of coral reefs. Back in 2006, Frank showed you ReefBase and Reef Watch, and we've … [Read more...]

Captain James Cook’s exploration of Australia

A few months ago, we showed you Colin Hazlehurst's excellent tours of James Cook exploring New Zealand and South Island, New Zealand. Colin is back with a new presentation and it's simply … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Diorama

Over the years we've shown you a lot of cool stuff from Paul van Dinther, including great games such as "Drive the A-Team Van" and "Ships". He's back with a huge new project that he's been working on … [Read more...]

The tales of the Arctic Tern and the Sea Grapes

Last fall we showed you a great file from the people at Encyclopedia of Life that tracked Bluefin Tuna across the Atlantic. They're back with a few new files that show how a type of sea algae (known … [Read more...]