Rally Navigator releases open beta version

Rally Navigator is a program that helps rally riders create printable navigation instructions called roadbooks, used in Cross Country Rally events such as the Dakar Rally. The fun part is that the … [Read more...]

Animating GPS tracks in Google Earth

When Google Earth version 4 was released back in 2006, it added a great feature that allowed KML files to have time-based data. This allows you to animate GPS content as Frank wrote about soon … [Read more...]

Previewing the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

In just over a year, the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia and the folks at Google Sightseeing have taken a close look at the various venues in Google Earth to see how they're … [Read more...]

Ride along GP tracks from all over the world

The folks at GP Circuits have mapped out 183 racing circuits from 27 championships in 36 countries, and they've wrapped them all inside of an excellent interface. Along with providing stats, info and … [Read more...]

More great updates to the Google Earth Flight Simulator

While Google Earth has a built-in option for flying a flight simulator, the better choice for the past few years has been Xavier Tassin's GEFS ("Google Earth Flight Simulator"). It's an incredible … [Read more...]

Cycling the Alps releases Android App

A little more than two years ago we introduced you to the excellent Cycling the Alps website. They feature hundreds of Google Earth tours of various cycing routes in the Alps, and they've added many … [Read more...]

GPS + Video + Google Earth = Pretty awesome

GPS4Sport has just released a new product that combines GPS track data with action cam movies, then overlays the movie on top of the Google Earth plug-in while it all runs. It sounds complicated, and … [Read more...]

DailyMotoRide adds Google Earth Plug-in support

DailyMotoRide.com has been posting "the world's best motorcycle roads" for over a year now, making great use of various Google tools including Google Maps and Street View. Combined with the elevation … [Read more...]

Explore the 2012 London Olympics in Google Earth

As I'm sure you know, the 2012 London Olympics kick off today, and there are a lot of great ways to use Google Earth to explore the city of London and the various Olympic venues around town. New … [Read more...]

My Tracks 2.0, now with mobile Google Earth support

"My Tracks" is an Android application that doesn't tend to get a lot of press. The initial version is more than three years old, and there are a bunch of other apps that do roughly the same thing. … [Read more...]