Links: New StreetView Stuff, WorldWide Telescope, Yahoo WOE, Dishpointer, GPSAnimator

New StreeView Stuff - Google pre-announced new StreetView data for New York City. The data reportedly has higher resolution data. However, so far I'm not seeing the new StreetView imagery. But, … [Read more...]

New Layers for Google Earth’s Sky Mode – April 17

Just a quick note that Google has updated the layers for the Sky mode of Google Earth (viewable with GE 4.2 or the new 4.3 beta). We last had a big update to the Sky layers in January. So, I'm kind … [Read more...]

Brightest Object Ever Observed in Google Sky

Last week, on the same day Arthur Clarke passed away, light from an object 7.5 billion light years away suddenly arrived at Earth. The light was brighter than any ever observed by astronomers. It … [Read more...]

Google Brings Sky from Google Earth to Maps

Google today has released a more complete implementation of the Google Sky data to Google Maps. Back in mid-December Google released an API to sky so you could make mashups with Google Sky data for … [Read more...]

Google Sky Wavelength Slider Mashup

In yet another example of the power of KML and Google Earth's powerful developer features, someone has developed a cool new feature which lets you view multiple wavelengths of stellar objects as an … [Read more...]

Links: Games, KML, Data, and more

DND Game For Google Earth - Mickey at Google Earth Hacks has been working on a new game that's played entirely within Google Earth. It's a massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG), … [Read more...]

WorldWide Telescope vs Google Sky

Google Sky was introduced in August 2007 as a part of Google Earth. It takes the idea of a zoomable Earth with high resolution aerial and satellite photography and turns it inside out letting you … [Read more...]

Predict Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse with Google Earth

Tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse. A great opportunity for those of you with new digital cameras to try your hand at some basic astrophotography (read some tips on photographing a lunar … [Read more...]

Links: Star Viewer, Green Screen, World Hockey, European Pollution, Golden Shadow

Star Viewer - Last week Mike at GoogleMapsMania pointed to me to a cool Sky/Google Maps mashup called Star Viewer. It has a nice tour with YouTube videos mixed in the placemarks. What I didn't … [Read more...]

Links: KML Wrap-up, New Orrery, Zip Scribble, South China Sea

KML Wrap-up - Google writes up a nice summary of the progress made in the development of KML (the file format used by Google Earth. I particularly liked the links to a variety of useful KML … [Read more...]