Google Earth right-click menu in “Search” fixed

Back in 2014, Google updated the search results functionality in Google Earth. At the time we noted that there were two bugs introduced: the 'get directions' functionality didn't work properly and the … [Read more...]

Sale of Terra Bella to Planet now official

Last month we reported on a rumour that Google's parent company, Alphabet, was selling their satellite imaging company Terra Bella to another satellite imaging company Planet. It is now official as … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery update

Google has recently updated the 'historical layer', this time including the southern hemisphere, which we previously noted had been missed in the last update. Unfortunately, due to the recent demise … [Read more...]

Google Earth Enterprise to be open sourced!

Google has just announced that it is open sourcing Google Earth Enterprise. Google Earth Enterprise is software that can be used to host the equivalent of the Google Earth or the Google Maps … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for January 2017

The big Google Earth news this month was a relatively minor update to the client. But its release does indicate continued interest by Google in the Google Earth product. After several years of very … [Read more...]

Chinese nuclear submarine in Karachi, Pakistan port

A recent story in the news was about a Chinese nuclear submarine being spotted in Google Earth imagery showing it docked in port at Karachi, Pakistan. The image in question was from May, … [Read more...]

Splitting Google Earth Polygons and Paths

We maintain a map of the 3D areas in Google Earth. This is achieved with the help of GEB readers who send in KML outlines of new areas. However, we often receive outlines that are not ideal and need … [Read more...]

Radar layer dropped from Google Earth

Thank you to GEB reader Jonah for letting us know that Google appears to have quietly dropped the 'radar' layer from the weather layers. This is in addition to the "Conditions and Forecast" and "Ocean … [Read more...]

Google Earth Easter Egg

The latest version of Google Earth that was released last week contains a nice Easter Egg hidden in the 'about' window.To see this easter egg, open the 'about' window and right click the Google … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Version

Thank you to GEB reader AndrĂ© for letting us know that Google has just updated Google Earth to version It is a minor bugfix update but does indicate Google's continued dedication to Google … [Read more...]