Mission Blue: Tracking the gulf oil spill recovery effort

Last April, we were all very aware of the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There were a variety of tools released to help track the spill, including aerial imagery, visualization tools, EPA … [Read more...]

Kite Aerial Photos of Manihi Now in Google Earth

Some of you may know about my five year trip around the world by sailboat which we are calling the Tahina Expedition. As part of a partnership with Google, I'm taking photos of the Earth in some … [Read more...]

Boat race replays in Google Earth

We've talked before about how you can use Google Earth to record and show GPS tracks from various events, such as off-road running races and biking across Poland. SFGate has a great story about using … [Read more...]

Google Earth For Sailors and Travelers

A big part of the experience of sailing around the world is meeting up with other sailors doing similar routes. In French Polynesia, we have had numerous opportunities to meet up with the crews of … [Read more...]

Exploring the Suwarrow Atoll

Google Earth provides a great way to "visit" some of the beautiful islands out in the middle of the ocean, which is something I often do. This is no doubt influenced by Frank's visits to various … [Read more...]

Following the Plastiki

The "Plastiki" is a pretty cool boat. It's a catamaran that was constructed using 12,000 plastic two-liter bottles, and it uses solar and wind energy to help power the boat. Their goal with the boat … [Read more...]

Ocean layer is now a default for all users

Just over a year ago, Google unveiled their 3D ocean in Google Earth. Since then, they've added a variety of features to it such as improving the visualizations, adding high-res terrain and even … [Read more...]

Bow waves for more realistic-looking ships

The folks at PlanetInAction have created some cool applications for Google Earth, including "Ships" and the "Apollo Moon Lander". They've now released a seemly simple enhancement for Ships, but it's … [Read more...]

Playing games in Google Earth

Since Google Earth was first released, a variety of people (including myself) have looked for ways to use it for gaming. While it will never be a true gaming platform, there are still some fun … [Read more...]

Frank’s kite imagery of Petite Tabac is now in Google Earth

Back in January, we showed you the incredible photos that Frank took while visiting the island of Petite Tabac. You might recognize it as one of the islands used in "Pirates of the Caribbean", as … [Read more...]