Links: Seero for sale, i-gotU GPS logger review, Best of Building Maker expands

Seero For Sale: We've talked about Seero a few times in the past. They offer live video with GPS and did some cool stuff with Where 2.0 2008. Recently, the Seero team decided to sell the site (eBay … [Read more...]

Fresh Update to the Ocean Expeditions layer

Google has just updated the Ocean Expeditions layer in Google Earth, and they've added some great content about expeditions around the world. To access this layer, simply check the Ocean Expeditions … [Read more...]

Cat 4 Storm Felicia Headed for Hawaii – See in Google Earth

Google Earth is a great tool for checking on weather - tropical storms in particular. Right now a category 4 storm is in the Pacific Ocean making a bee-line for Hawaii. The good news is that current … [Read more...]

Google Marries Panoramio Lookaround to Street View

Google has announced an update to Street View that further marries Panoramio features into the Street View experience. In June of last year, Google added a feature in Panoramio called "Look Around" - … [Read more...]

Links: Google Moon Monday, Tax Evasion, Panoramio Winners, Canada Wins

Google Moon Monday - As reported here on GEB a week ago, Google sent out invitations for a "Special Announcement" on July 20th (the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing), with Buzz Aldrin … [Read more...]

View Details on July 22 Total Solar Eclipse in Google Earth

HeyWhatsThat is a site which has many tools for viewing things from your position on the Earth including things like nearby mountain peaks, or night sky objects, or even solar eclipses. On July 22nd, … [Read more...]

NASA Doing Robotic Recon with Google Earth

NASA is conducting research from their Ames Research Center in California with a robot called "K10", located in northern Arizona, to simulate tele-operations for exploring the moon. They are using … [Read more...]

Tour de France 2009 in Google Earth

Once again, Thomas Vergouwen is the first to send GEB the complete tracks for the 2009 Tour de France for viewing in Google Earth. The organizers did not release the full details on the routes of … [Read more...]

Huge Waste of Energy Visible in Google Earth

Recently I happened upon a thread of posts at the Google Earth Community entitled "The largest waste of energy in history". I was initially skeptical, and still am not convinced yet it is the … [Read more...]

Links: North Korea, Network Links, National Geographic

North Korea - The news about another atomic test in North Korea has prompted some to use Google Earth to help analyze and provide maps on where the testing occurred. See an excellent summary of the … [Read more...]