Links: Santa Tracker Popular, Volvo Ocean Race, Lost World Discovered, Cold War KML

Santa Tracker Popular - The Google/NORAD Santa Tracker was yet again a huge hit. On Christmas Eve, GEB had about 50 thousand visitors searching for Santa and overall about 4X the normal amount of … [Read more...]

Watch Santa Claus Make his Deliveries

It's Christmas Eve! Thanks to NORAD and Google you can watch Santa make his deliveries around the world. The best place to watch Santa is with Google Earth. If you haven't already, download Google … [Read more...]

Vendee Globe in Google Earth

It used to be very difficult to follow the drama of an around-the-world-sailing race. But, the Internet changed all that. One of my all time favorite Internet experiences was following the … [Read more...]

Norad Tracks Santa 2008 – With Google’s Help

[UPDATE: It's Christmas Eve! The santa tracker is now live!] Like last year, the Norad Tracks Santa site will open its web site on December 1st allowing kids everywhere to watch the countdown to … [Read more...]

Links: Location OS, GeoEye, Super Tour Mashup

Location OS - The introduction of location awareness to the Apple iPhone OS, and Google Android OS, means that phone applications on these systems can have standardized availibility to location. The … [Read more...]

Google Street View Italy Released – October 29th

I've been traveling this evening, or I would have reported sooner: Quick on the heels of France and Spain, now Italy gets some Street View coverage as well. Included locations are: Milan, Florence, … [Read more...]

Links: Planet Search, Interactive KML, FlightSim, iPhone GPS

Planet Search - Recently Google revealed they had added a new feature to the Sky mode of Google Earth (which lets you see the night sky instead of the Earth). The new feature lets you search for our … [Read more...]

More Street View Imagery for France in Google Earth/Maps

As reported at Google Maps Mania, Google has released new Street View imagery in France. Google had already released Street View imagery in July for the Tour de France route. Now they have more … [Read more...]

Links: Panoramio Heat Maps, See Russia?, 1m LiDAR, Airship

There was no post on Friday because I was attending the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland. Given all the terrible news about the economy and stock market, I was thinking the boat show attendance would … [Read more...]

Fire Hydrants in Google Earth

Washington DC is the first city I'm aware of to use Google Earth to report on the status of fire hydrants. The DC Water and Sewer Authority has released a KML network link which reports on both … [Read more...]