New Google Earth Imagery – July 2009 – Good and Bad Part 2

Google has made yet another weekend update to the Google Earth imagery. I'm expecting a lot of GEB readers will start reporting new imagery they find during the weekend. Please leave a comment … [Read more...]

Links: New GE Enterprise, My Location, Fossett Crash Report, Bridge Winners

New Google Earth Enterprise - Google has updated the Enterprise version of Google Earth to support version 5.0 features (the version designed for internal use where you can run your own custom data … [Read more...]

NASA Doing Robotic Recon with Google Earth

NASA is conducting research from their Ames Research Center in California with a robot called "K10", located in northern Arizona, to simulate tele-operations for exploring the moon. They are using … [Read more...]

Links: Michael Jackson Neverland, Amnesty International, New Placenames, GE Outreach

Michael Jackson Neverland - Yesterday the King of Pop passed away. People will remember him in many ways, but mostly for his amazing musical and performance talents. Google Sightseeing recalled … [Read more...]

Google MapMaker – 64 New Countries Google Maps and Google Earth

Google announced today the release of 64 new countries with map data thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people around the world contributing map data for countries which until now had little or no … [Read more...]

Current Positions of 10,000+ Ships World-wide in Google Earth

In the past few years, commercial shipping vessels have been required to broadcast a vessel position "transponder" similar to those used by aircraft. The system used is called AIS (Automatic … [Read more...]

Rowing Around the World with Google Earth

Google posted yesterday about a guy who is attempting to be the first to row around the world. Oliver Hicks has left his home country of Australia and will be headed down toward Antarctica and … [Read more...]

News: Gibraltar Terrain, Earth Surfer Code, Naval Observatory, Dutch Geography Animation, Earthpoint, Eclipse

Gibraltar Terrain - Got an Email from GEB reader named Will who points out when Google updated the 3D terrain for Google Earth last month with new NASA SRTM data, it included better terrain for … [Read more...]

New View of Ocean Floor in Google Earth

Google has released a new rendering of the ocean floors around the world. The ocean floor is colored to reflect the terrain features of the sub-sea surface. The new rendering is a bit higher … [Read more...]

Urban Tick – Research Results in Google Earth

Imagine if you tracked your daily commute and every side trip for several months. What would your track reveal about the place you work? If you animated the track over time, what would it tell you … [Read more...]