Geospatial Revolution: Episode One Released

Back in July, we told you about the Geospatial Revolution project that Penn State Public Broadcasting was putting together. They've now released the first episode and it's quite awesome. The first … [Read more...]

Boat race replays in Google Earth

We've talked before about how you can use Google Earth to record and show GPS tracks from various events, such as off-road running races and biking across Poland. SFGate has a great story about using … [Read more...]

Read Ayn Rand

Here is a pretty funny story -- Nick Newcomen apparently had some free time on his hands, so he drove 12,238 across 30 states with a GPS logger to "write" a message for all to see: You can read the … [Read more...]

Biking across Poland

GEB reader 'fjk' has recently completed a bicycle trip across much of northern Poland, and he did a great job of tracking the journey and augmenting it with photos and other information. A group of … [Read more...]

Using the track feature in Google Earth 5.2

One of the great new features in Google Earth 5.2 is the new "track" KML extension. Jason Birch and Ross Collicutt have put together an excellent example of this new feature, which you can find on … [Read more...]

Google Earth 5.2 Released

Google has just released the newest version of Google Earth -- version 5.2. This version is largely dedicated to supporting outdoor athletes and their GPS devices (hikers, bikers, runners, etc), but … [Read more...]

Links: Burj Dubai, Historical Imagery Updates, Updated EveryTrail App

Burj Dubai: The tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai Khalifa (Update: renamed after opening), opened to the public yesterday. At over 800 meters tall, it is by far the tallest building on … [Read more...]

Links: Seero for sale, i-gotU GPS logger review, Best of Building Maker expands

Seero For Sale: We've talked about Seero a few times in the past. They offer live video with GPS and did some cool stuff with Where 2.0 2008. Recently, the Seero team decided to sell the site (eBay … [Read more...]

Links: Load KMZ files on handheld Garmin devices, video of NASA rocket crashing into the moon

Garmin has quietly released a pretty cool beta update for some of their devices; the Colorado, Oregon and Dakota, specifically. This update allows users to create image overlays in Google Earth, then … [Read more...]

News – Sky makes it to Android, Greece Halts Street View

Sky Goes Android - the Google Earth Sky application, which started out as an inside-out version of Google Earth to view the night sky, was first ported to Google Maps over a year ago. Now, Google … [Read more...]