Explore over 10,000 mines with Mining Atlas

Thanks to Google Earth's 3D terrain and high-resolution imagery, massive items like mountains and volcanoes have always looked amazing. Given their impressive size, major mines around the world can … [Read more...]

Mapping the 2012 US Presidential Election

While I haven't found any great Google Earth-based maps for this year's United States Presidential Election, many sites have created some excellent interactive maps to help predict (and then later … [Read more...]

3D Travel releases a Google Earth Plugin-powered widget

We've enjoyed the work produced by 3D Travel over the years. Their initial 3DHawaii site was groundbreaking, and they followed it up later with a handful of excellent sites including Las Vegas and … [Read more...]

Tracking KMZ file usage with Google Analytics

We're clearly big fans of the KML/KMZ format here at Google Earth Blog. It's an amazing (and simple) way to share complex geo data with anyone that you wish to share it with. In fact, many of our … [Read more...]

More updates to Meograph: Geo optional, more browsers, new verticals

We've covered Meograph and their "four-dimension storytelling" a few times on GEB, as it's an excellent product to help tell stories with a heavy dose of geolocation baked in. The product has already … [Read more...]

Visualizing the ZeroAccess botnet in Google Earth

The ZeroAccess botnet is a very widespread malware threat that has been infecting computers around the world for years. It's estimated that the current version of ZeroAccess has been installed over … [Read more...]

Meograph releases an enhanced authoring tool

I've been a big fan of Meograph since it was released earlier this year, as it's a great tool to help show news stories using a heavy dose of geo reference. The big downside to it was that creating a … [Read more...]

Latest news from the 3D Travel websites

Over the years we've shown you a handful of projects from the 3DTravel.com folks. They built the impressive 3DHawaii two years ago (and recently covered the two-year anniversary on their blog), then … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to add geo relevance to the news

News stations around the world have been using Google Earth to help visualize their stories for years now, and CNN has been one of the best. Alex Walker, a producer for CNN International, shared with … [Read more...]

Meograph opens to all users

We first told you about the excellent Meograph tool back in May when they opened for limited beta testing. It is a tool for creating "four dimensional story-telling" with remarkable potential, and … [Read more...]