Using Google Earth to test Fresnel Zones

Earlier this year we showed you the WiNPT, a visualization that used Google Earth terrain data to help plan wireless networks. WiNPT has rebraned to become EngineMaps and has released a new … [Read more...]

Konut shows off amazing 3D construction projects in Turkey

The people that brought us 3DLocationEarth a few years ago are back with a great new project called 3DKonut. They've created the models on the site to show off a variety of construction projects in … [Read more...]

View Honolulu housing prices in Google Earth

Michele Argiolas at Valuegis has been putting together some great visualizations of housing prices in Honolulu, using vibrant colors and a variety of datasets.  The result is awesome images like the … [Read more...]

The latest updates from Meograph

Our favorite "four-dimensional storytelling" site Meograph just posted a few great new updates: Social photos: Import Facebook, Instagram, Flickr images (and do web image search) right within … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to find water for power plants

Here in the United States, we're very fortunate that the inability to find water to drink is an extremely rare event for any of our citizens.  Because of the abundance of water in most areas, we can … [Read more...]

Check out “Mapping with Google” to learn more about Google Earth

Running from June 10-24, Google is offering a new online course two geo-related areas: Google Maps and Google Earth. Google Maps: Explore features of the new Google Maps. Learn to create and share … [Read more...]

Great use of Google Earth by the Urban Planning Department of Taipei

The Urban Planning Department of the Taipei City Government has built some amazing map-based features on their site that are worth checking out. The first is their swipe map, which allows you to … [Read more...]

Meograph adds paid licenses

We've been big fans of Meograph since we first discovered it last May. Their "four-dimensional storytelling" makes it very easy to create digital stories that include audio, video, images, text and … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth for 3D Property Listings

While Google Maps is a very popular and suitable tool for most kinds of real estate listings, the 3D features in Google Earth can be very useful to visualize real estate inside of tall buildings. … [Read more...]

How maps are becoming more personal

Without Michael Jones, this blog wouldn't exist. We've mentioned him on here numerous times in the past, as he was a co-founder of Keyhole (which later became Google Earth) and is now the Chief … [Read more...]