Waffle House locations visualized on Google Earth

Here's an interesting use of Google Earth, that could apply to virtually any business with a variety of locations. Nik Freeman wanted to find a way to display the density of Waffle House restaurant … [Read more...]

Connecting WordPress with GIS

I'll be speaking today (with Ali Green, my partner at GreenMellen) at the monthly Georgia URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) meeting here in Atlanta at lunchtime today. We'll … [Read more...]

Expanding the capabilities of the Liquid Galaxy

We've talked about Google's Liquid Galaxy project a number of times over the years, starting back in 2009 and showing neat things such as Paul van Dinther's excellent A-tour along the way. The End … [Read more...]

Virtual Cilicia on Google Earth

We've seen a handful of "virtual" cities and countries over the years, such as Virtual Alabama and Virtual Kenya. The platforms give users access to a wide array of information about the area and can … [Read more...]

How to fix errors in Google Earth

We continue to receive many emails each week asking how to correct map errors in Google Earth (address in the wrong location, point of interest is missing, etc), so I thought it'd be worth revisiting … [Read more...]

Exploring New South Wales, Australia in Google Earth

The New South Wales (Australia) Government has just released a new product they're calling the NSW Globe which compiles a ton of information about the state into a single, powerful KML file. The goal … [Read more...]

Visualizing redevelopment using Google Earth

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia has plans for a major redevelopment of 330 acres.  While the plans are still in progress, Brian Wheeler took advantages of Google Earth to add some great context … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to find locations for TV shows

The Independent recently posted an article that explores the difficult yet essential job that TV show "location managers" have. Finding the perfect spot for a particular scene can be a major … [Read more...]

Excellent property and data visualizations in Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool to visualize trends and growth when it comes to real estate.  In the past we've shown you some tools that use historical imagery to show how things have changed, such … [Read more...]

Places affected by the US Government Shutdown

Last week we showed you some ways to view U.S. National Parks on Google Earth during the U.S. Government shutdown.  With the government still not back in order yet, this map of "Places affected by the … [Read more...]