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The best of Google Earth for April 2017

The big news in April was the release of a new version of Google Earth. It is browser based, and currently only available in Google Chrome and as an Android App. At the current point in time it is … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update – Plane Crash in Pakistan and Landslide in Ethiopia

Last week Google updated the historical imagery in Google Earth. It was a somewhat disappointing update for a number of reasons: Due to the demise of the Google Earth API/plugin, we no longer have a … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Guatemala

Thank you to GEB reader Adino for letting us know that Street View has recently come to Guatemala. Street View coverage, Guatemala. View in Google Maps. View in New Google Earth (requires Google … [Read more...]

Some insight into Google Earth’s 3D imagery

We recently came across the YouTube video below about Google Earth's 3D imagery. It gives some insight into how it is gathered and we also get to see some of the faces behind Google Earth, such as … [Read more...]

Performance Tests on New Web Google Earth

The new Google Earth released last week is not yet a replacement for the classic Google Earth (version 7 and earlier). It is an early release of an effort by Google to completely re-write the 12 year … [Read more...]

A Tour Maker for the new Google Earth

Last week we had a look at the new Voyager tours in the new Google Earth and suggested that Google create a tour maker or at least release instructions on how to create them. It turns out that, Josh … [Read more...]

Voyager in the new Google Earth

This week Google released a new, browser based version of Google Earth. One of the first features you should check out in the new Earth is 'Voyager' (the ship's wheel symbol). It consists of a number … [Read more...]

Fun stuff to do with the new Google Earth URL

This week Google released a new version of Google Earth that runs in the browser. One aspect of this is that it now has a URL that changes as you change the view. Today, we are having a look at this … [Read more...]

Google Earth VR Now on Oculus Rift

I was just at the Google Earth press announcement today in New York. In a back room, they had Google Earth VR running on HTC Vive systems. After asking about whether they had a new version, they … [Read more...]

First Review of New Google Earth

Google has released a new version of Google Earth today that has been re-designed for a new generation of 3D mapping applications. This first release is not a program you have to download and install … [Read more...]