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The best of Google Earth for December 2016

We noted that the 'historical imagery' layer has finally been updated and had a look at some wildfires in the US. We had a look at the most significant changes to Google Earth during 2016. Thank … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery updates – Fire!

Google has at last updated the 'historical imagery' layer. Just yesterday we complained about the fact that it hadn't been updated since July. Thank you to the anonymous GEB reader who let us know in … [Read more...]

The biggest changes to Google Earth in 2016

The Google Earth client only saw bug fix updates this year. However, there were a number of significant changes to the imagery and layers. Global Mosaics In June, Google updated the global mosaic … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D imagery progress for 2016

Over the course of 2016, Google Earth received about 90,000 square kilometres of new 3D imagery (about the area of Portugal). This represents a significant slowdown in new area covered: New area of … [Read more...]

New Street View coverage 2016

Today we are looking at progress made by Street View in 2016. The map below shows not just changes to Street View but also some other changes Google has made to Google maps over the course of the … [Read more...]

Why Santa’s base remains a secret

With Christmas this weekend and Santa being tracked around the world, but the exact location of his base near the North Pole remaining secret, it is a good time to talk about why the poles are not … [Read more...]

Planet imagery for natural disaster response

Satellite imaging company Planet has a programme for gathering satellite imagery for natural disaster response. Read more about it on the Planet blog. Although direct and timely access to the imagery … [Read more...]

The sinking Millennium Tower, San Francisco

We often feature imagery from the European Copernicus programme's Sentinel-2 satellite. The programme has other satellites, including Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B, that gather radar data rather than … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Blog Santa Tracker

This year we will be running the same Google Earth Blog Santa tracker that we did last year. As we had last year, there are two versions, one using dynamic tours in Google Earth, which update by means … [Read more...]

Land Lines Chrome experiment

Land Lines is an interesting Chrome experiment that uses Google Earth imagery. The experiment was made by Zach Lieberman, Matt Felsen, and the Data Arts Team. They have used the imagery from the Earth … [Read more...]