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Street View extended coverage and problems: Bangladesh and Mongolia

It’s been a couple of months since Kyrgyzstan got Street View, so we thought we would have a look at the changes since then. As you can see below, the main additions are a near doubling of area covered in Bangladesh and Mongolia.

Street View changes between May 9th, 2016 and July 7th, 2016. Red: new, Blue: previously existing. Large version.

However, we found that as of this writing, it is impossible to actually view the new Mongolia Street View. We tried with both Google Earth and Google Maps, both of which show the blue lines, but when you drop the ‘yellow man’ on the map, Google Earth just takes you to ‘ground level view’ and Google Maps does nothing. The older Mongolian Street View works, as does the fresh Bangladeshi Street View.

We also came across a great example of what to do if you just can’t wait for the Street View car. Notice the trail of blue dots in the screenshot below?

Google Maps user Wahidur Rahman has travelled along the road by bus and every so often captured a panoramic photo and uploaded it to Street View. It was overcast, so the lighting was poor and the imagery isn’t as high resolution as typical Street View, but it is certainly better than nothing.

See in Google Maps

However, Google Earth does not currently show user-contributed Street View, so the above imagery can only be viewed in Google Maps. It used to work in the past, but appears to have been broken when Google merged Google Views with Street View.

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