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The best of Google Earth for May 2016

There were several imagery updates in May and we kicked off the month by showing an animation of all the imagery in Google Earth from the past year. The animation helped to show the seasonality of … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update: LaPlace tornado

Google has recently pushed out another imagery update. We have mapped out the approximate locations of imagery for March, April and May, 2016. The last update we did maps for was this one. There was a … [Read more...]

Terrapattern, the search engine for imagery

Terrapattern is a very interesting new online search engine for aerial and satellite imagery. It is still an alpha version and only covers a few cities in the US, but the potential is very … [Read more...]

Take LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner anywhere

Last week we talked about how American actor Shia LaBeouf had been tweeting a cryptic message using geographic coordinates that we expected would spell out "Take me anywhere". It turns out that that … [Read more...]

Animating Lusaka, Zambia

We were recently having a look at the historical imagery of Lusaka, Zambia, and we noticed that there is a lot of historical imagery for the last two years. There is an image nearly every week. Lots … [Read more...]

3D imagery slow down?

As our regular readers know we maintain a map of areas that have Google's 3D imagery. We not only track current coverage but also have a timeline. Google has been adding to the area covered with 3D at … [Read more...]

The Lost Mayan City that probably wasn’t

A couple of weeks ago there was this story about a fifteen year old Canadian boy who might have found a lost Mayan city. It all started as a school science project. Apparently he believed the Mayans … [Read more...]

Getting HIRISE imagery into Google Mars

We came across this interesting article which suggests that Mars may have not only had large seas, but that it may have experienced gigantic Tsunamis, the results of which can be seen to this day. If … [Read more...]

False colour imagery

Google has recently done a minor imagery update. The only May image is a DigitalGlobe image of the Fort McMurray wildfire, although it does not include Fort McMurray itself. When we looked at the Fort … [Read more...]

Shia LaBeouf tweets cryptic message with GPS coordinates

American actor Shia LeBeouf has been tweeting a GPS coordinate daily since May 9th without any explanation. The coordinates are all near Denver Colorado. As pointed out in this article, the geographic … [Read more...]